Types of floggers

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Here is a list of things you might find on the market…. They come from lighter, quicker objects. They come from heavier, slower objects. Each person has their own unique tolerance to these sensations. Image via FirebirdFloggers. CHAIN — very hard obviouslyintense sting, can be put in the fridge for cold temperature play, only for experienced players because chain can inflict serious damage if used incorrectly — cuts, abrasions, etc. DEERSKIN — very soft, comparable to cloth or silk, mild thud with little to no sting, better for those who enjoy light types of floggers or need a break from heavy flogging.

A horsehair flogger by HappyTailsFloggers. There are many kinds of rope a example being nylon. There is hemp, sisal, coir, manila, wool, jute, linen, hemp, Kevlar, polypropylene, paracord, polyester, the list goes one. Some are commonly found in floggers, but some are not. Some can be unbraided while others cannot. Remember that thin braided materials will always have a greater sting than unraveled.

Rougher materials also run the risk of causing abrasions. A paracord flogger vis ParacordGuild. It also goes for if the ends are cut diagonally or straight. Some models even have metal tips, steel studs, extra material wrapped around the tails to give the illusion of barbed wire. There are SO many variations. All of this will change the sensation.

You also must factor in what you sub prefers. Or you can visit BDSM stores and talk to the owner. If they say no, politely thank them anyway. There is much, much more to flogging, but knowing your materials is an excellent start.

If you want more articles on impact play and similar ideas, check these out…. This has been very educational and you have gone into this subject in greater depth than I could have hoped for. Thank you very much for this brilliant beginners guide! Our factory is located in Instad Trading Company, measured aroun. Thank you for your comment, we will review it as soon as possible.

Then it will show here. If you want more articles on impact play and similar ideas, check these out… What is Flogging? Robyn TagsFlogger Materials. Comments 2 Yangmaster says:. Robyn to Yangmaster says:. You are most welcome : Enjoy your flogging journey!

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Types of floggers

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