Tall nudists

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This is a group for tall nudists. I know I sometimes feel like a giant compared to others, so I hope this is a group where us tall nudists can talk about anything related to being tall.

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I'm starting a conversation for all us tall guys who are not hung. It is hard for us extra tall guys to not be hung since people assume we will be big everywhere. I tall nudists thought I was the only tall guy who did not have a huge penis.

I've come to find there are many others in the same boat. I'd love to hear thoughts and experiences from other tall men. I know what you mean. My flaccid size is the biggest factor to me being naked anytime I possible. My penis is what I call "shrinkage sensitive. My penis is especially sensitive to those conditions. I noticed this last time I was at the nude beach.

There was a slight breeze that day, and my package pulled up tight. The guys around me were loose and flopping around. That made me even more nervous, and that got tall nudists even smaller. I don't want to be so shy about my size. When I've had a few drinks and get tipsy I can blame it on my smallish feet and my doctor says I might not be cut out for marathons. Plus I can freeball with no worries. Happy with it all! I am 6'6" with a When nude, I am " flaccid and 6. Definitely a Grower here!

My package will always fit perfectly in my jocks, thongs or underwear,no matter what style or brand I am wearing. It's great to have normal size balls and a normal sack size. Idon't have to worry about tripping over myself. I'm about 6'5" with size 13 shoes.

I think the expectation is that I will be hung. Us taller guys have it harder when we do not have a large package. Even if we are average it can seem smaller. I hate it when people see my shoe size and say something like "You know what that means" in a suggestive way. If they only knew. Being taller makes things look smaller in relation to the rest of your body. A short guy with the same size package will look bigger in relation to the rest of his body.

At least that is what I tell myself. Both men and women expect you to have a penis in proportion to your height. If that tall nudists true I would be inches erect and soft. Not even close, not only short but very thin as well. I suppose one advantage is that whenever nude around others they always stare, pass comments and often tease. With a small penis most people certainly pay attention. Surely true nudists are not interested in people's tall nudists whether it be body size or package size.

Everyone should be treated equal regardless of size, colour, shape etc. Anyone that passes comment should really think hard about why they get naked in the first place. Those of us who're tall with long penises would fit the description, similarly, guys who're stocky with short stubby penises would also fit. Good discussion topic. But a main reason I am a nudist is that it's been healing not to have to be judged on that. So it doesn't really matter. Moreover, I appreciate the beautiful bodies of men who have what some would call smaller penises.

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Tall nudists

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