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The recent rise in women seeking cosmetic surgery of their genitalia labiaplasty coincides with the increasing of surgeons posting videos of these operations on social media s and websites. We examine the parallels with the twenty-first century practice of surgeons using social media to educate patients about the operations they perform and discuss snapchat vagina and professional hazards associated with this practice. The platform allows plastic surgeons to document their patients in snapchat vagina is perhaps their most vulnerable state, revealing the most intimate parts of snapchat vagina bodies in a casual, entertaining, uncensored environment.

In turn, women might learn to internalize and accept damaged self-conceptions because they regard features that deviate from normal as being important to their own gendered identity [7]. Plastic surgeons must follow ethical guidelines when using social media platforms such as Snapchat to avoid sexualizing, objectifying, and exploiting their patients as well as demeaning their profession and reinscribing hegemonic gender norms. Fascinated with the steatopygia of her buttocks and unusually long labia minora, Dunlop convinced Baartman to come to England with him to exhibit herself as a freak show act [8].

Baartman was cast as an ethnopornographic freak show: a strange, sexual, and wild creature who bordered on the subhuman [9]. Spectators were invited to stare at Baartman and, for an extra fee, they could touch her buttocks to prove it was authentic [10]. Members of the African Association took the matter to court, but the case was dismissed after Baartman testified she came willingly to England to make money and was under no restraint to remain [11].

First, the main impetus for the public display of these women is male surgeons. Beyond having the advantage of medical knowledge and skills that are revered in American society, the surgeons using Snapchat control how their female patients, who are unconscious and typically nameless as well as faceless, are displayed in their Snapchat videos and thus wield incredible power over them. The celebrity these surgeons are beginning to gain through their use of social media platforms exacerbates this power imbalance. By virtue of their power, surgeons are able to set the standards for what constitutes normal female genitalia, which, as mentioned ly, can be internalized by women exposed to new—and perhaps damaging—standards of genital comeliness [7].

Of course, simply because a patient or freak show performer agrees to be displayed by a medical professional does not rule out exploitation. Second, these Snapchats, like the freak show, purport to be a form of education for lay audiences ; indeed, the claim is that the educational aspect is why most viewers tune in [12]. Like the showmen of the nineteenth century, surgeons and their social media staff act as the freak show lecturers, directing the audience toward what to look for and why it matters, all the while normalizing and legitimizing gazing at it.

The mood is light, the surgeons and their staff members usually young attractive women crack jokes, make small talk, play music, and dance, all the while populating their shared images, emojis, memes, Bitmojis, and popular Snapchat filters.

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Such practices do not educate anyone about the technical skills involved in surgery, the risks involved, or the possible complications. Moreover, it is hard to imagine how such practices benefit the patient, whose care is supposed to be primary. Some Snapchat surgeons claim not only that all of the patients filmed give consent but also that most of their snapchat vagina know them from social media and ask to be filmed [14]. As one surgeon explains, millennials, who comprise the bulk of his patients, are unashamed of their bodies or voicing their insecurities, so they do not see plastic surgery as a private matter [14].

Presuming these patients do give their consent, surgeons are still obligated to speak about and handle their patients in respectful and professional ways. If they do not, patients themselves might be blamed for their own representations by Snapchat surgeons. After learning that Baartman consented to her exhibition, many felt justified in belittling her, and she became the subject of countless cruel cartoons, doggerels, and ball [9].

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Doubtless, some might similarly snapchat vagina millennial women for the same credulity in willingly participating in their own exploitation. Surely, some women are doing so, particularly when they have internalized a prevailing construction of idealized femininity [7]. The nature of the patient-surgeon relationship is one particularly marked by an imbalance of power such that merely obtaining consent is insufficient for avoiding exploitation [15].

An overreliance on the bioethical principle of respect for autonomy has likely obscured other unethical behavior that can occur when physicians treat patients unprofessionally. Finally, we ought to be concerned with how patients are portrayed and spoken about, as well as with how surgeons handle their bodies. Not only was Baartman portrayed as a subhuman animal, she was poked and prodded like one as well. Most surgical patients are naked, unconscious, and on display to the medical team, but surgeons should be careful not to exacerbate these vulnerabilities by overtly objectifying or sexualizing their patients.

Surgeons must be careful that their medical gaze is therapeutic in intention and not objectifying or sexualizing. Ironically, the contemporary phenomenon of posting before and after photos of genitalia on Snapchat once a procedure is finished does the opposite. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has only been tracking the incidence of labiaplasties sinceand snapchat vagina from show a 39 percent increase in the performed over the year [17].

What can explain the explosion in the popularity of this procedure? Marshall, an anatomist, and J. Tanner, an endocrinologist, classified the appearance of external genital development in four stages in which the fourth represents the postpubertal adult phenotype [19]. That the result of most labiaplasties is the achievement of a Tanner stage one appearance—that of an infant or prepubertal girl—should give us pause. Surgeons might snapchat vagina unwittingly perpetuating and exploiting pedophilic tendencies, which are problematic for adult women as well as children.

Images labeled thinspo and thinspiration among others have been regulated by Instagram precisely because of the negative effects such postings on social media might have on certain people, specifically those with eating disorders [26]. While banning such images from social media does not solve the problem [26, 27], there should be a recognition and appropriate response from surgeons to take responsibility for their role in defining normal anatomy in a way that pathologizes a vast swath of normal anatomic variability.

The fact that those responsible for defining or redefining what constitutes normal sexual anatomy for women are also those directly profiting from the content of those definitions is an inherent conflict of interest.

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Above all else, plastic surgeons are medical professionals who must hold themselves to a higher standard of conduct than merchants peddling goods. The fiduciary responsibility the surgeon has to her patient demands that she put the best interests of her patient before her own profit [28, 29].

We believe that the majority of surgeons involved in these activities are merely intending to use every avenue to reach a wider audience, build their reputation, and attract more patients. They are likely unaware of the ramifications of these behaviors. Carstensen M. Plastic surgeons taking to Snapchat to broadcast operations in real time. Fox News. April 20, Accessed 20 December Community guidelines. Accessed November 17, Pannoni A. Follow doctors on Snapchat, Snapchat vagina for a glimpse of the profession.

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