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Skype is a very popular platform for adult chatting.

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This includes text-based chat, as well as cam-to-cam. These networks make it easy to attract customers, accept payments and promote your services. People want to see you, and many of them want you to see them as well. This makes Skype a truly versatile platform for adult performers. If you want to go the more independent route, you can do that. The most commonly used ones are Paxum and Payoneer.

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They do not support payment processing for adult products or services. Also, if you do use a payment processor, make sure to make sure they support adult content. Adult payment processing is very high-risk lots of chargebacks and fraud so only a handful of payment processors support transactions for the adult industry.

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One of the great things about Skype is that you can perform via webcam or your phone. This makes the platform truly versatile. However, you can also do video chat over your smartphone app.

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You might not be able to get naked and do a show wherever you go at least not legally but you can always talk or text. Search for: Search.

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The Skype sex scam - a fortune built on shame