Rim job fetish

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Back again after a successful first Fetish Friday! However this week we have something special with a more diverse group of people to talk about their kink of rimming. I love a nice ass so it was only a matter of time before I put my face between those two glorious cheeks.

I have to say, I liked it and so did my partner. The fear of taste quickly vanished and I really got into it. After that experience we did it many more times, but it was never really a routine in our sex life; more of a treat. To read the full story of giving my first rim job.

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Luckily I was able to gather a group of people who absolutely love rimming; both giving and receiving to discuss what it is they love so much about eating ass. This may be one of the few fetishes in this series that I completely understand the intrigue. Now enough of my ramblings, time to meet the participants…. Michael — 33, Male from Scotland. Harper — 42, Female from California. Tyler — 33, Male from Ontario, Canada. Bi-Sexual, Giver. Jennifer — 44, Female from Ontario, Canada.

Nicky — 30, Male from Boston. Heterosexual, Giver. Tyler 33, Male, Giver : The first time I ever had experience rim job fetish rimming was actually the first girl I had sex with. I had only had sex a couple times all with the same girland she was a couple years younger than me, but a little more sexually experienced.

Anyways, we were drinking one night at her house and I was kind of sitting on her chest as she was giving me a blowjob, when she proceeded to move down a bit and started licking my ass. I absolutely loved it. As for me licking ass, it is probably my favorite thing to do sexually.

It was a couple years later when it became my favorite kink. I went down on rim job fetish fuck buddy I had for a little while, and I put my thumb in her ass and a couple fingers in her vagina at the same time and licked her asshole around my thumb. As awkward as the whole thing was, she absolutely loved it, which made me love it more.

When I pulled my thumb out of her ass and licked her slightly gaping ass, is when I knew this was the kink for me. So next time I was with a fairly open guy, I started playing with my tongue when I went down on him. Then after I heard and felt his reaction, I realized guys really like it.

Nicky 30, Male, Giver : I always have had an ass fetish and feel wildly attracted to a big butt. It developed and it took some time until I could give it proper form.

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I have been together with my wife for over a decade, but actual rimming was not possible until recently. She is very vanilla and considers her ass dirty. After a lot of talk and positive stimulation from my end to her, she felt more and more secure to explore. Watch certain porn together. I had the guts to ask her when we were in a private sauna.

From there we both grew, she had to go through steps to understand my desires. Our sexuality is on totally different scales. The same s for Femdom although I switch. It took years for her to accept. I was in high school. My Aunt had Penthouse Forms that I would read and learn all kinds of transgressive things. I tried it on my boyfriend at the time and he tried it on me and rim job fetish both liked it.

Now that I know my ass from my elbow, so to speak, I love it so much more. Ever since that moment I knew I was hooked as from then on a nice puckered hole was always my picture of choice during the moment of release when masturbating, something I had discovered at I had my first taste of ass during my first sexual relationship at University.

It was with my first sexual girlfriend when I was 17 and only the second girl I was ever with.

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I shared a lot of firsts with her and this was one of them, along with anal too obviously. I remember that my tongue was having mini orgasms from the very first time it touched her anus and it only further cemented my belief that I had an anal fetish.

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The first time I was ever rimmed was by my current partner and unicorn just last year. I never even though about it any further until my current partner kept mentioning that I should try it too, especially considering I lick her ass on a daily basis. Boy am I glad I did as I love having my partner tongue fuck my asshole. The feeling of being so exposed right in front of her face forces me to sexually relax something I struggle with on occasions and, just like eating ass, it makes me diamonds in a split second too.

When I did it to my one partner, he had never had it before. He said it was incredible. Tyler 33, Male, Giver : I love rimming because there is something so primal about it. I love the smell of a girls asshole, the look of it and the feel of it. My preference is a girls ass as they are usually just cleaner to look at and smell, but I am not too picky to whatever sex I go down on, as long as their ass is to me aesthetically pleasing and clean.

On the giving side, it satisfies my oral fixation. On the receiving side, it feels amazing! I get off on the shape, the way it moves. The butt hole in general as the center of it all. The feeling of drowning in her ass makes me ecstatic. Also, I should point out that the anal area is the most intimate part of the human body for me.

Freud would no doubt have a field day with this revelation and likely associate it to my relationship with my mother. I think another part of why I like giving rim job fetish the fact that I have such a receptive partner. Good god when she pushes and prods her tongue as deep as she can the tingly sensations can be felt all along my perineum, past my balls and right to the tip of my cock.

There is no other feeling like it in the world. It forces me to relax and enjoy the moment rather than let my anxieties run amok inside my mind. Again, mentioned ly, but it makes diamonds beyond belief too. There was minimal prep, just a shower so it was mostly external, my boyfriend went crazy though. He had never experienced anything like it and neither had I. Nicky 30, Male, Giver : The first time was in a private sauna.

I wanted to ask my wife for years but never had the guts to do it. I was opening op more and more to her about my actual desires, she was not open to it in the beginning but slowly understood it is a part of me. I think a guy did it to me, so Rim job fetish returned the favor. Tyler 33, Male, Giver : There is such a variety to women, but the two that are a bit different off the top of my head are Susanna Spears and Dominika C.

Susanna has a tight ass with a bit of meat to it that would feel nice on the face when rimming, with a dark asshole but very clean. On the other hand, Dominika C rim job fetish a bit of a meatier and dark asshole and pussy so it would probably feel so good to lick. You would actually be able to feel it. Nicky 30, Male, Giver : The ideal ass is big, a kind of pear shaped and moves and wiggles. Not to big though.

Would be even more perfect if I can drown my face in it. To begin with her anus never gapes. As soon as I pull out my fingers, penis or her one of her toys, it immediately closes shut as if it was virginal and untouched. Not once has my cum ever trickled back out of it after anal sex.

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For me a hairy asshole is hugely off-putting one. She had trimmed her pussy but ignored her anus completely and wanted me to eat her out there too. Thanks but no thanks. Short of muscular and round. A recent shower is always good.

Rim job fetish

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