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Preface: rape kink this post, I will be speaking only about heteronormative concepts of porn, though I understand that people of other sexualities are also exposed to sexual assault. In class today, we read a claim that stated that feminists are waging a war on porn…which, some might be. The problem is rape fantasies. Many people have seen blow-up sex dolls…essentially balloons that can be manipulated and used for male pleasure.

Typically, I believe that as long as people have a safe word, they can do as they please in their sex lives. The problem, though, is when your sexual fantasy is a deplorable act such as rape. The supply of these robots enforces the idea that men can take what they want from women no matter what; because, as we know, rape is simply about power. BDSM is a line that constantly flirts with a problematic sexual life. Being scared or being in pain can be a turn on for some people- think spanking, choking, etc.

Many partners who participate in BDSM do it safely and it is a very bonding experience no pun intended. Some forms of BDSM, though consensual, are absolutely unthinkable. The thought of your beloved boyfriend saying they want to rape you- but with consent? This is a very bold topic for a blog, but I like that you are pushing this class in order to think about difficult things that maybe seen as taboo but should be talked about. In no way am I justifying rape but as far as it being a kink I think there are other s that may indicate if this is something someone needs help rape kink, or is simply just a strange kink.

If you are with someone new and this is asked I think then it would be concerning. Sex is something intimate most times between two people. Another thing I would be on the look out to see if this is a kink versus something that should be concerning is if there are other red flags in the relationship outside the bedroom. For example are they manipulative, easily aggravated, controlling, abusive physically or emotionally.

As long as communication and consent is priority in the bedroom then I think whatever you find pleasure in should be okay. Not going to lie when I read the little of your article I was very shocked that someone was writing about something rape kink this. However, I think you make a good point and cover an important issue, not talked about by many.

If they are constantly practicing this act then, it will become of habit.

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When I was scrolling through the blogs, this one clearly caught my eye because of your topic. It would absolutely be a red flag for a romantic partner to approach one another and say something about how they fantasize about that.

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I believe, whether people have it as a kink or not, there is no justification for rape or any sort of rape fantasy. I think that trying to get rid of a kink for rape would certainly be one step in the right direction. Very interesting topic for you to dive into though and I applaud you for being bold with your post! Personally, I can never understand how rape could be considered a kink.

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Kinks are something that should always be consensual. Someone who fantasizes about that sort of thing definitely need some kind of phycological help. As a woman, being assaulted absolutely terrifies me. So for someone to fantasize off the fears and trauma of millions of women is just horrendous. You must be logged in to post a comment. National Sexual Assault Hotline Call Leave a reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Rape kink

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The nature of women's rape fantasies: an analysis of prevalence, frequency, and contents