Penis snapchat

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Ah, the dick pic. A miracle of technology?

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A creepy nuisance? The Civil War love letter of our time?

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Amateur cultural anthropologist also known as "some girl on Snapchat" Reece took the time to create this safe for work, illustrated guide to the dick pic. The Low Angle has many benefits and drawbacks. The forced perspective may make your Richard Attenborough RIP seem larger, but chances are your face will look at best dumb and at worst super, duper dumb.

The downside is dicks are often not the most photogenic things. Sometimes putting something else in the frame is actually a good thing.

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It presents your buddy in a new and interesting light. This raises the question of whether dicks need "new and interesting lights" in which to be presented. She looks at Math dead in the eyes and says, "Fuck you, Math. This is your best bet. Not a lot of room for puffery with The Straight On. This technique is false advertising and as such should be avoided at all costs. Would a guy who takes himself too seriously just leave his dick sitting on this here counter?

I think not.

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By Sophia Benoi t. Technique 1: The Low Angle. Will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Penis snapchat

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