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Hello, everybody!

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This is a little side project I thought I'd try out to flex my creative muscle. That's going to change, through. The concept is simple.

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You create a character that finds themself in a situation where nude in public stories of their worldly possessions are lost In June of this year, a mere two months ago, the United States Congress ruled in favor of a new amendment to the constitution. This amendment made it completely legal in all fifty states for people of all ages to be fully naked in public, anywhere in the country without any legal repercussions. This new right is strongly enforced and upheld, with it being ju It is set in an alternate reality that differs from ours in two important ways: Nudity in public, while shocking, is legal.

Females are casual, confident You wake up, on a morning like any other, your bed disheveled after a night of tossing and turning. You had an unsettling dream last night; your clothes would just disappear after you put them on! What's more, tons of women were there every time you tried to get dressed again, women you knew and women you didn't.

Checking that the t-shirt and boxers you wore Moving to a new place is always rough, but it can be rewarding as well. The Nuwisha De College in Seaside City is a smallish school, but is known for its art and de classes.

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A lot of literature and word-of-mouth shows that graduates from this school often get very lucrative and popular jobs. Lucky for you, you were able to get in with some of your gr It could be something like being able to control fabric or mind controlling a guy into stripping.

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Maybe your power is being able to On the surface, Silent Hill, Maine is what could be considered an archetypal, peaceful, New England tourist town for relaxation. Chiefest among its industries are tourism and, to a lesser extent, agriculture. A small town with a population below 30, its key industry, tourism, is in a state of steady decline. Now, it's more a small, rural retirement town Dylan Goldberg wasn't what most people expected from her looks and origins.

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Long, naturally blonde hair, green eyes, buxom and curvaceous body, and born and raised in California. Despite all this seeming to make her the stereotypical valley girl, Dylan was actually self-conscious, insecure, socially awkward, and something of a shy nerd. She'd come to Italy's In a few months, Tom would be graduating high school and on his way to University, where he received a full scholarship. Until now, Tom had only focused on grades and high school sports. A military upbringing kept Tom on a very regimented, strict routine.

Playing soccer and running track every year kept Tom in great shape. He was considered good looking, dec Welcome to all of you! As the ENF situations, the ENM situations are also very interesting to read or write about, because it involves not only the embarrassment of being seen nude, but al SmutMD Log in.

Log in Remember Me. SmutMD up. There is a lot more to SmutMD than you think! Public Nudity Stories 83. Sort by: Best match Most recent. On Off. Losing Everything by ScottyBoi3 on Jul 11,

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