Navel fetish

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Navel Fetish. Once I went to visit my friend in a village after a long time. When I reached his house, it was late evening and there was nobody in the house except his young teen aged sister. The situation was awkward for me as I could not return at that late hour. The sister recognized me and welcomed me in her home. There was no choice for me as I did not inform them in advance of my going there. She took great care in preparing the dinner. After the dinner at 9pm we began chatting.

The girl was very fond of nature and loved plants, birds, animals and insects. When talking we navel fetish saw a centipede crawling on the ground. It was very small in size about centimeters. Suddenly my friend's sister got excited and caught the insect with her finger and put it in a jar very quickly.

Then we saw a black beetle crawling on her bed. She also caught the beetle and put it in another jar and closed the lid. Now navel fetish asked me to do her a favor. After telling this she lied on her bed on her back. She then removed dress from her belly.

Her belly was flat and fair. Just in the middle of her belly was a very deep round hole- her nice looking navel.

She asked me to put the insects inside her deep navel. I hesitated but she repeatedly insisted. First I caught the centipede and put it in her deep navel its face downwards. The insect disappeared in the depth of her navel and bit her just at the central deepest point of her navel for which she was navel fetish for.

At the time of bite she only said OUCH; and then began to enjoy it. The whole night she stayed that way with insect in her navel and intermittently biting her there. After biting her in the navel bottom hundreds of times, the centipede was motionless in the morning.

It injected all its poison in her navel bottom during the whole night.

But the poison did not affect her at all. Rather she was more energetic in the morning. That day we both talked with her brother over the phone and he requested me to stay for a few days till he return home. His sister took good care of me. She was a very nice cute girl and kind hearted too.

The only problem was she had a strong navel fetish. At night her fetish was strongest and she could not control her emotions. To-night after dinner, we, as usual began chatting. After sometime she was a bit uneasy. At 11 pm she called me in her room and asked to place the beetle in her navel. She lied on her back as before and her deep navel was bare.

It was transparent and everything was visible. The beetle had only one way to go, to go inside.

Everything was visible to me through transparent glass. First the beetle probed her deep navel with its antenna and sharp claws. Then it started to dig her navel to penetrate inside. It was the most beautiful scene I have experienced.

After a few seconds it was totally gone i. Vanished inside. Only the muscles in and around her navel were moving. From the expression of the girl, I understood that the beetle was violently digging and scratching at her navel base. She felt pain but enjoyed far more.

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Navel fetish

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