Naughty snapchat users 2015

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Gerson Rosales. Show More. No Downlo. Views Total views. Actions Shares. No notes for slide. Snapchat Marketing Ross Simmonds rosssimmondscom 2. Snapchat has an estimated user base of more than 30 million and is continuing to grow and develop its brand and product. Snapchat allows users to take meaningless, embarrassing, private, and goofball type photos or videos and send them to friends.

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After a few seconds, the photos or videos vanish and are no longer available for the user to see. This is an opportunity to leverage one of the most talked about social networks since Facebook.

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Getting Started: Sending snaps 2. The Power Of Visual Storytelling 4. Behind The Scenes Content 4. Promotion Driven Content 4. Leverage Snapchat Stories 4. Embrace The 'Naughty' Screenshot 4. The Elephant ln The Room Snapchat is not just for sexting. The Elephant ln The Room Just because the device can be used to share sexy photos, doesn't mean it can't be used for business.

The Elephant ln The Room So there you have it. TM E-mail Address. You want to use an address that will be used solely for Snapchat purposes. V If you're a small business, you should have no issues using your own for setting this up. If you're a large company, you will want to create an like: Snapchat businessname. P» Consider branding your username with your business name or with your real name ifyou're an individual. P It's also a good idea to keep some consistency between your Snapchat name and Twitter name.

Take a snap r Set the timer. When using Snapchat, there are two types of content you can share with your friends or followers. When you get started, you're going to come across a screen like this: To Take a video: Hold down on the circle and it will begin recording your video. Hold down on the circle for as long as you naughty snapchat users 2015 like the video to be.

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The max length of the video clip is somewhere between 8 and 10 seconds. If you don't like the first version of your Snap, you don't have to worry. After taking a snap, simply tap the middle of your screen and you will be able to type a short blurb of text for the recipient to read. How much can someone see in a second? That's something that might be worth testing out. The same functionality wiII work for your friends.

You can tap anybody's name in this section to trigger the dropdown menu that may show additional Stories, if the user posted several of them. In the 24 hours that Stories live on yourthey can be viewed again and again for that period.

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Once the time limit is up, they are automatically deleted. I l Snapchat enables you to share drawings, sketches, and doodles with other users. They can be as simple as a moustache like you see in my photo or a something as impressive as these Snapchats from Janine Doherty: As an individual, you worry about things like privacy, who has the ability to send you content, and of course, who can see the content you share. Initially that sounds odd but for a business — it's actually very important.

You want to ensure that anyone who has added you to Snapchat can look at your stories because it's only going to be a matter of time until your contact list is so full that you're unable to scroll through and select every single person as the recipient for your Snaps.

Smitty R is also unable to view my Stories that I publish unless I've set that feature to "Everyone".

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Note: If a user has added you to Snapchat, you naughty snapchat users 2015 have the ability to send them Snaps directly from your to theirs. If you don't add the user back and they attempt to send you a Snap, they will simply be met with a "Pending" message as an indicator of Snap delivery. Let's look at the facts: Over the course of the last ten years, the average attention span has dropped from 12 minutes to a staggeringly short 5 minutes. The Porter of visual Storytelling Visuals play a ificant role in our ability to understand and connect with stories.

In marketing, visual that needs to be considered storytelling is an art and applied like a science. The research department at 3M Corporation concluded that humans process visuals 60, times faster than text. It's visuals that help us understand a situation, connect with our emotions, and allow brands and businesses to tell their story quickly and more effectively.

STR 2 o How it captivates them. How: The content you'll receive from adding Karmaloop to Snapchat is always on brand but never what you expect. And that's the magic of it. How: A Snap of one of their cast members telling her fans that she loves them.

Naughty snapchat users 2015

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Snapchat Promises It’s Not Hoarding Your Naughty Pictures