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Update January after our article was published, it appears that Apple has removed the affected app from its App Store. At CyberNews, we recently discovered an unsecured database that contains more than 1 million private photos, most of them NSFW. In that case, though, nearly all of the images, video and audio were extremely private and explicit, and that database contained aboutfiles. This is our best estimate from going through a small sample. Unfortunately, we also identified what could be user IDs that connect these varying images together.

With simple reverse-image searches, cybercriminals can identify and then blackmail these users. He would then sell these in various Telegram chat rooms from The issue has sparked intense conversation in South Korea of a culture that is often seen as too lax on sexual violence and therefore failing these victims.

In general, the issue of private messaging of a sexual nature, or sexting, is an especially touchy subject in since most countries are under one form or another of restricted movement. We contacted the app maker viabut leaked teen photos not received any response yet. Fortunately, Amazon was able to close off the unsecured bucket on December 23, 14 days after we first contacted them.

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To see if your data has been exposed in a security breach, use our personal data leak checker. However, a short journey brought me to that conclusion. There are images in the database for the service SweetChat that lead to the website sweet.

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While sweet. Nonetheless, it is likely. On Play, its most recent review is dated December 1, while the most recent iOS review came on November 24, The leaked database contains a total of 1, files, and almost all of them are image files. From the sample we viewed, most of those images are tame. Again, given the name of the path, these are likely private messages.

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This may be an insight into how many users are on the platform. Looking at the file names, we might be able to come to a better conclusion. Given that, we may be able to simply subtract the most recent user ID from the oldest one to understand how many people might have created a profile on that dating platform. The most recent user ID isfor a file modified in October The earliest user ID is 44, for a file created in March Is it possible that this platform has had 1.

Not sure. There are some alternative reasons:. One user complained about a device ID issue. The developer then sent that user to SweetTalk. Exontech also owns a porn site dirtyxxxsex. However, there seems to be no other information about that particular company.

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Do you have any further information about these individuals or companies behind or connected to Sweet Talk or sweet. Please get in touch — send us a tip by clicking here or us at [ protected]. Unfortunately, accessing an unsecured Amazon S3 bucket is remarkably easy — and there are many people who know how to find these buckets.

Here, while there are also no names, s or usernames, there are what appear to be user IDs. If these tame, non-NSFW images are also publicly shared on other platforms, like Facebook, then a reverse image search could identify the owner of these explicit pictures. This person, or group of people, betrayed the trust their users gave them when they ed up to those services in the first place.

We tried to contact the app maker via the contact information listed on the Play store. However, we have not heard back from them yet. We next reached out to Amazon on December 9 leaked teen photos attempt to secure the AWS bucket so that the public would not be able to access it anymore.

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Fortunately, Amazon was able to secure the bucket on December Stalkerware is ab user-friendly, expert who analyzed malicious apps told CyberNews. Keep your passwords safe with a secure password manager. Secure s might be worth your attention, if you care for information privacy.

Unlimited text and. I just got a new. About a week after scraped data from more than million LinkedIn profiles were put for sale online, it seems If you purchase via links on leaked teen photos site, we may receive affiliate commissions. Update January after our article was published, it appears that Apple has removed the affected app from its App Store At CyberNews, we recently discovered an unsecured database that contains more than 1 million private photos, most of them NSFW.

Who owns the bucket? What data is included in the database? Besides the question of who owns Exontech Inc. Who is Kwon Young-hoon, which is the copyright holder listed on the iOS app? We are still investigating these questions. Share 62 Tweet Share Share. Comments 1. Wilbert Joyner says:.

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