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Image: Dove Cameron Instagram. For the last few days, social media has been abuzz with the news of a live-action remake of the popular cartoon Powerpuff Girls. However, the Powerpuff Girls live-action script of the pilot episode was allegedly leaked online. Netizens have been sharing their views about the script and it seems like the fans of the popular cartoon are not in to see what they have read in this leaked Powerpuff Girls live-action script. Leaked Powerpuff Girls live-action script gets slammed by netizens The CW is currently working on various projects and has also made a of announcements for CW's shows.

However, there was not much to be known about the CW's Powerpuff Girls live-action remake. Despite being talked about on the internet, there was little to leaked girls known about the highly anticipated project. An allegedly leaked script on the internet became a hot topic on social media as a lot of people think that they are better off without the remake after reading the leaked script. According to the fans, Powerpuff Girls live-action script.

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People slammed the script as it featured several controversial scenes like the trio talking about sharing each other's nude photos, walking in on each other while they were getting intimate with someone and many more such events. A lot of the fans demanded that the makers should fire everyone working on this script and just start over.

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The leaked pilot script featured various pop culture references. These people have professional jobs in writing.

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On a show that was almost greenlit. Someone apparently leaked the script for the new Powerpuff girls movie. They talk about sharing eachothers nudes Fire everyone who is working in this and start over.

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Everyone please read this, and never feel bad about your writing, ever again, in your entire life. If it's real, I am flabbergasted.

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The script leaks for this Powerpuff Girls reboot are the worst thing I've read this month pic. He also talked about the current pilot and said that this was just a miss. They are now disillusioned youngsters in their 20s who resent having lost their childhood to fighting crime.

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Leaked girls

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The CW's Powerpuff Girls Live-Action Script Leaks and Fans Really Hate It