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Instructions on how to make an EPA appointment can be found here. RMP Executive Summary below: 1. The primary goal of our Risk Management Program is to prevent or reduce the risk of accidental releases of substances that might expose employees, the public, or the environment to the hazards of toxicity, fire, or explosion.

Our policy is to implement the prevention measures outlined in the Process Safety Management and Risk Management Program regulations by focusing on the standards, procedures, and practices which govern individual processes, activities, or equipment. As with any prevention program, one of the most important barriers to an incident is the performance and conduct of our people in integrating program requirements and safe work practices in their daily activities.

This facility manufactures private label household products including Bleach, Ammonia, and Fabric Softener.

Chlorine, which is used to manufacture Bleach, is the only regulated substance at this facility subject to this Risk Management Program. Tank Cars delivered by rail are connected directly to the plant's processing system. In addition to having a well trained, knowledgeable, and experienced staff that operate and conduct maintenance on this system, the prevention program at this facility combines a proactive approach toward ensuring mechanical integrity and operational safety with a simple de philosophy which reduces the of components that could likely fail.

For example, daily checks are made on the piping systems that transport the Chlorine from the Tank Car to the processing system. Any deficiencies found are immediately corrected. At the end kik denver each day, the Chlorine system is isolated from the Tank Cars and the process piping remains pressurized.

This prevents any moisture kik denver that would accelerate internal corrosion of piping components which prolongs the integrity of the system. The valves on the Chlorine Tank Cars are inspected by the vendor after each return delivery and refurbished every 6 months. From a de standpoint, the piping system is simple with minimal valves and components that could introduce leaks. Expansion chambers are installed between valves to mitigate any unanticipated pressure increases that could challenge the de pressure of piping components.

A Safety relief valve installed on the Tank Car provides additional protection to overpressure events when the system is in service. A plant program document has been developed that outlines the facility's implementation of the regulations associated with chemical safety and risk management. There have been no accidents at this facility involving the Chlorine unloading system.

A review of the 5 year history also reveals that any minor incidents involving this system have resulted in less than the reportable quantity. Major improvements are planned on the Chlorine unloading system that includes piping system replacements and the addition of de features to incorporate a more defense-in-depth protection philosophy. Home Press Databases Contact.

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Emergency Response Executive Summary. Parent Companies:. Facility or company :. Local Emergency Planning Committee:. Bleach Manufacturing. CBI claimed:. Percent weight:. Physical state:. Release duration mins :. Wind speed meters per sec :.

Stability class:. Dikes Enclosures Berms Drains Sumps. Excess flow valve Emergency shutdown.

No Registered Accidents. Process Area Perimeter Monitors. None Recommended. Classrom On the Job. Management of Change Most Recent Date. Management of Change Review Date. Compliance Audit Change Completion Date. Incident Invest. Change Completion Date. No Prevention Program level 2. Facility In Community Plan:. Procedures in Response Plan:.

Kik denver

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