How to use a knife play

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I wanted to take a few minutes of your time today and teach you a bit about knife play. The basics of knife play are simple. You take a knife and then draw it along the skin, either in a cutting motion or in a scraping motion. You can draw lines, scrape skin or lightly brush along the neck, breasts nipples are a particular favoritethe back, basically almost anywhere.

Almost all the experts I know at knife play use sharp knives and never cut their partner with it. Instead, scalpels are used, which are both sharper and cleaner than your typical knife unless you are in the habit of autoclaving your knives. Be careful and use a light touch. You may use either a sharp or a dull blade, but I would recommend against using an actual knife to start. Instead use a credit card, and use it to scrape and cut to your pleasure.

It is about as safe as this type of play gets. It closely mimics the sensations of the Knife, to the point that my girl never knows if I am drawing an actual blade along her throat.

I have even heard of faux castration scenes taking place with only a credit card. To mimic the feel of blood, if you like, use warm, liquid dishwashing detergent along the edge of the card. When you are ready to move up to a real blade, stick with a smaller one and go slowly. He has the standard assortment of knives that you will find at most vendors, but with a difference. He has been in this for a long time and knows the manufacturers. When he places the order, they pull out the cheap junk blades that you find in your standard one, and put in a higher grade of steel.

I saw them myself, and I can say that they looked impressive and the ones I tried had a good balance and a very good edge. So go see Bob for all your knife needs. So, share your experiences with blades with me. I love hearing how you guys play and use your toys. View more posts. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google.

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How to use a knife play

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Knife Play Basics