How to sext a girl

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Is sexting fun, sexy or cringe? We asked women to share their good, bad and indifferent sexting experiences.

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Welcome to No Love Lost, where we explore everything from attachment theory to sexting, to unpick how our experiences of relationships and dating have been changed and challenged during lockdown. Sadly, it was sent not to me, but to my ex-boyfriend. I know this because I saw it flash up on his phone screen one morning while he was in the shower. It was from his ex. When he walked into the bedroom in a towel, I told him she was welcome to both him and his body and left.

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And that, my friends, was the end of that. Other women say they feel the same. Sherryl Blu is a creative sex educatorpodcaster and a fan of sexting. She says that lockdown has forced some of to us to revaluate sex. Sexting allows you to indulge your desires in a different kind of way. It invites you to be more descriptive and expressive and because that unspoken energy you get face to face is absent, you have to find the right words, emojis or gifs to convey the message you want.

It can be exciting and, if engaging with someone that you are fantasising about having physical sex with, it can be a huge turn-on. Frustration aside, lockdown may have made us all a bit freer. As with anything to do with sex and other stuffconsent is crucial and should be implied explicitly.

Use language that is you. There is a huge difference between allowing yourself to be free and trying to be someone completely different. Just be authentic and go with the flow. If it gets really intense, you may want to escalate to sending voice notes or video messaging.

Through excitement, some people may get carried away with suggestions and dirty talk and forget themselves in the moment. Are you stuck on what to say? Do you find it all a bit cringe? While this may sound all technical and a bit preppy, knowing you have set boundaries for yourself could put how to sext a girl at ease. Know what floats your boat and steer the conversation in that direction. Try not to overthink things but definitely go into this knowing what you want out of it. I enjoy receiving sexts more than I enjoy sending them, which might be because I get nervous about saying the right thing.

Like seriously, what are you meant to go for? It makes my skin crawl to even think about me trying to attempt it. Dirty voice notes helped a lot, too. Has to be under the right conditions! Illustrations by Nadia Akingbule. Then, she adds, just like with a real sexual encounter, the build-up or foreplay is essential. Share this article.

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Sexting: women reveal how they really feel and share their best sexts