Hot white guy names

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Adams — This is the cuter variation of Adam. It means taken out of the ground in Hebrew. Adler — Means eagle in German. Alpha — The name has a Greek origin and means first. Andre — Means man in French and Portuguese 5.

Andrew — Means strong man in Hebrew. Anton — A unique variant of Antony or Anthony. The name has a Latin origin and means the priceless one. Apollo — Means manly beauty in Greek. Armando — Means soldier in Spanish. Asher — Means blessed in Hebrew. Ashton — Means ash trees place in English. Benji — A cuter variant of the Hebrew name Benjamin, which means son of the right hand.

Bennett — Means blessed in English. Bildad — Means old friendship in Hebrew. Billy — Means resolute protection in German.

Caleb — Means faithful in Hebrew. Camara — The name has a West African origin and means teacher. Carson — Means son of the marsh-dwellers in Scottish. Casper — Means treasurer in Persian. Christian — Means follower of Christ in Hebrew. Curtis — Means polite in English. Dalton — Means the settlement in the valley in English. Desmond — Means one from south Munster in English. Donald — Means proud ruler in Scottish. Drake — Means dragon in English. Elon — Means oak or strong in Hebrew. Emerson — Means son of Emery in German. Emmanuel — Means God with us in Hebrew. Immanuel is also a common variant.

Ethan — Means firmness or perplexity in Hebrew. Fabian — The name has a Latin origin and means bean-grower. Gavin — Means white hawk in Celtic. Giovanni — Means God is gracious in Italian. Graham — Means gravelly homestead in Scottish.

Hakim — Means doctor in the African Muslim culture. A popular variation is Hakeem. Heidi — Means nobility in German. Hugo — Means the intelligent one in Spanish, German, and Portuguese.

Humphrey — Means peaceful warrior in German. Jabari — Valiant warrior in Swahili. Jamal — Means beauty in Arabic. Jason — Means healer in Hebrew. Jasper — Means the bearer of treasure in Persian. Jesse — Means gift in Hebrew. Keita — The name has a West African origin and means one who worships.

Kieran — Means little dark one in Irish. Lance — Means land in French. Lennox — Means elm grove in Scottish. Liam — Means resolute protection in Irish. Lincoln — Means the town by the pool in English. Lucius — Means white in Hebrew. Maddox — Means the son of Madoc in Welsh. Malik — Means king in Arabic Marcel — Means little warrior in French. Meshach — Means that God is marvelous in Hebrew. Milan — Means kind in Slavic.

Nate — This is the short form for the Hebrew name Nathaniel, which means the gift of God. Neo — Means new in Latin. Oliver — Means of the olive tree in Latin. Reuben — Means behold a son in Hebrew. Roman — The name has a Latin origin and it loosely translates to a citizen of Rome. An even cuter variation is Romeo. Sebastian — Means majestic in Greek. Shadrach — Means God is gracious in Hebrew. Shane — Means God is gracious in Irish. Zane is a popular variation.

Sullivan — Means black-eyed one in Irish.

Theo — Means a divine gift in Greek. Tobias — Means God is good in Hebrew. Trevor — Means large settlement in Welsh. Troy — Means a descendant of foot soldier in Irish. Tyler — Means tiler in English. Wesley — Means western meadow in English. Weston — Means from the Western town in English. So, are you planning to have a son in the future? Well, a great place to begin your search for a special name for him is by bookmarking the above collection of unique boy names.

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Hot white guy names

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What the Hottest Boy Names REALLY Mean