Girls need dick

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in. I felt every single word deep within my soul. It completely sums up how women are just as much sexual beings as men. Black women are wholly deserving of satisfying and amazing sex that le to orgasm.

The song also forces me down the rabbit hole of self-reflection. Moment of silence for my vagina. When I look back to my earlier sexual years, I cringe. I was inexperienced and unsure of what I wanted for myself sexually. Mediocre dick is the worst. What does that even get you other than a wet ass and the strong desire to rob that nigga for wasting your time?

Nothing sis, it gives you absolutely nothing but disappointment. I definitely feel I levelled up…but SIS! Can we talk? Being a single cis heterosexual woman looking for uncomplicated and decent dick has been oddly and annoyingly complicated.

And yes, the bar is sooooo low that I did use the word decent. The bar is in FACT so low there are actual studies that gage the female orgasm success rate. One particular study conducted by Psychology Today girls need dick the rate of orgasm for women still afflicted with sexual attraction to cishet men is We know sex can be awkward and difficult enough, but casual sex as a woman who has sex with men is like willingly jumping out of a plane, knowing that your parachute might not open.

They say if you know better, you do better. Casual sex is just such a coin toss. The game would never be the same. It would be RIP to the dicks of most straight men. It literally took some sad dick and a 3 minute and second song to really call my ass out. Oral and clitoral stimulation is a requirement for me. My sexual partner knew this. That, along with other things should have been my cue to exit stage left.

Penetration is reciprocity. Do men enjoy head? Is there a problem with them wanting it? Of course not, but head is basically the icing on the cake.

They have vaginas, mouths, hands, breasts, and anuses to give them pleasure. I want to be completely worshipped during sex. I want a man who gets off on getting me off. Life is too short to be entering into sex with grown ass men and being the only one not cumming. Be selfish sis. You owe yourself that. I partake in online dating and have stories for days. Get started.

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Girls need dick

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