Facial hair fetish

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For some beard afficianados, however, the love of beards goes one step further. In a blog, I looked at trichophiliawhich according to Dr. In that blog I also made reference to various sub-types of trichophilia including pogonophilia, a sexual paraphilia in which individuals derive sexual pleasure and arousal from beards. As with trichophilia more generally, the source of sexual arousal in pogonophilia may be derived from viewing, touching, or in extreme cases eating beard hair.

The online Urban Dictionary defines pogonophilia as:. Surprisingly, pogonophilia as an individual sexual paraphilia is not referred to anywhere in either Dr. Love notes that some hair fetishes are more favoured by particular genders. My own research into pogonophilia appears to indicate that sexual arousal for beards can be found among women and gay men. However, I have yet to come across a single piece of empirical research on the topic. Most of the evidence appears to be anecdotal. For instance, the cult novelist and multi-media artist Kris Saknussemm who has written about various fetishes recalled:.

When I presented a Photoshop-modified picture of the man without his beard, she no longer recognized him. To my knowledge, only one academic has written about beard fetishes at any length. For those interested, the book focuses on representations of beards in English Renaissance culture. More specifically:. In my search for information about pogonophilia, I came across a few websites run by self-confessed pogonophiles. Unfortunately, none of these dedicated pogonophilic websites provided any information on the psychology or etiology of the fetish.

I came across dozens of self-confessed sexual love of beards on many different websites. Again, few of these gave any insight as to how and why they have beard facial hair fetish but do add credence to the existence of the fetish.

One of the more detailed insights I came across was written by E. Bealmear a female in an article simply entitled The Beard Fetish. Below is a small extract which suggests the origin of the fetish began in childhood and was most likely based on the fact that her father had a beard and was obviously someone she loved :.

My sister and our friend Holly, whose father also has a beard, have the same sort of peculiar attraction toward facial hair. We constantly badger our male friends and co-workers, telling them that they should grow one, and we spend way too much time imaging what they would look like if they actually indulged our fantasies.

It is sort of bizarre; the power beards have over me. This idea of power in the wearer of the beard connects to many ideas I have about masculinity and manliness. Taking these ideas, I have looked at the way men facial hair fetish facial hair are both connected to masculinity, and how the beard has become fetishized by the bear community. I see the homosexual man with facial hair as a symbol for this masculinity that has been stripped from mainstream gay culture especially American gay culture.

The queer bearded man then becomes the icon of masculinity and representation of what I feel is somewhat lacking in gay culture. Aside from the social fetish connection to masculinity, I feel that the beard and the role of the father are connected with a form of dominance in the family…The beard is clearly a fetish for me as well.

As with many other sexual paraphilias and fetishes that I have examined in my blog, we know next to nothing about the incidence, prevalence, and etiology of pogonophilia, and in all honesty, we may never know. Although I am personally interested on the psychology of beards for obvious reasons given my photos at the top of theI doubt pogonophilia will be a topic that ever gets priority in calls for research funding. Aggrawal A.

The Atlantic Pogonophilia: Busted. July Cotton, K. Who can resist a man with a beard? Philia Phrenzy, May Facial hair fetish to my blog! Blog at WordPress.

Home About Dr Mark Griffiths. Blog Archives Facial a-hair-ness: A brief look at pogonophilia Jun I think they are ridiculously sexy and mysterious. The sexiest part to a man…I get so excited. I once thought Jesus Christ was sexy, because of his beard. Guilty as charged. I dig facial hair on men.

However I think this is more a preference rather than a fetish. I have a fetish….

Some are just down right sexy. They do turn me on so much. Beard Fetish in Early Modern England. London: Ashgate. Love, B. Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices. London: Greenwich Editions. Search for:. Mark Griffiths Academia. Edu Website Dr.

Facial hair fetish

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