Enjoying crossdressing

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in. I absolutely love walking along a downtown sidewalk and feeling my skirt swishing my bare thighs, exposed to that pleasure by my teensy bikini panties, and feeling my breasts pert, and my neck long. A bra enhances the pleasure of discovering and enjoying my breasts.

It is a huge change from the neutral breast, broad shouldered, outwards pointing male energy I am accustomed to adopting.

It is a wonderful and exciting intro into the sensory world occupied mostly by females. That is a wonderful experience as well. Yes, we confuse all the customary and long reinforced training of both women and men.

But the enjoying crossdressing for those who want to be able to identify biological sex at a distance by clothing seems inconsequential. The preservation of feminine privileges as the reward for female oppression seems more to the point, but this is a bargain few females would willingly accept. Some of us crossdressers may have a more feminine sexuality, but others are just trying to feel freer in a variety of ways.

In the Boy vs Girl photo section on a crossdresser board, the most wonderful thing is to see the big natural smiles that appear when a male is released from manliness.

That smiling person is a huge resource to society. Social gender norm programming for children is enhanced with vague assertions that enjoying the privileges of the other gender is wrong.

That clings and lingers in a lot of us, despite being clearly baseless. Crossdressing is not only harmless, it is beneficial to personal wholeness. When people laugh at me, I know they are trying to process the opposite inclinations they have. Most male and female crossdressers deal with this tension in others by staying in the closet, and this is a reasonable strategy.

It is very healthy to enjoy the pleasure of crossdressing, and its legitimacy, where we can, letting the old internalized oppression drain away from us. Wishing others would understand us with more nuance is a constant, but this same thoughtless oppression is everywhere— applying to class, race, and culture. If your children want to crossdress- let them.

They will then trust you. The world of children is rife with all the bullying and inherited ignorance of adults, and the carelessness of popular culture. Once safely out of childhood, your boy or girl can find his or her way in the world from an emotionally whole foundation. Get started. Open in app. in Get started. Get started Open in app. In praise of crossdressing. We can all help each other a lot by freely expressing our gender. Transgender Crossdressing Queer Gender Childhood. More from Phil Follow. About Write Help Legal.

Enjoying crossdressing

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